Mr. Edgar Pirumyan

Government Representative, Armenia Head of the staff of the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia

Mr. Artashes Sargsyan

NGO Representative, Armenia Chairman, “Ecoteam” NGO

Mr. Musheg Baburyan

Independent Expert, Armenia Deputy Director "Apricot Plus" Consulting and Training Company

Mr. Vagif Javadov

Government Representative, Azerbaijan Director of the Department of Biodiversity Protection and Special Protected Areas Development, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan

Mr. Sakit Huseynov

NGO Representative, Azerbaijan NGO Chairman – «For Sustainable development».

Mr. Khayyam Rahimov

Independent Expert, Azerbaijan Head of Agroclimate Division of Geography Institution, National Academy of Science

Ms Nino Gokhelashvili

Government Representative, Georgia Head of International Relations Division, Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia

Ms. Nino Chkhobadze

NGO Representative, Georgia “Evnironmental League” NGO

Mr. Tengiz Urushadze

Independent Expert, Georgia President of the Georgian Soil Science Society (GSSS)

Mr. Per Gahrton

Reperesentative of Donor Organization Member of Swedish Green Party

Mr. Felix Naescher

Reperesentative of Donor Organization Director General Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Land Use Planning, Agriculture and Forestry