February 21, 2019

Assessment of Pasture Condition in Sagarejo Municipality, Georgia

Project Title - Assessment of Pasture Condition in Sagarejo Municipality

Location - Georgia

Donor - GIZ

Dates - 2018-2019

Objectives - The objective of the project is to assess the condition of the entire pasture land in Sagarejo Municipality, Georgia (i.e. scaling up the methodology of estimation of grassland quality under pasturing using multispectral remote sensing data and ground assessment developed under IBiS). 

The assessment provides the baseline to identify specific entry points for the LDN indicators at municipal level,  providing recommendations for applying ecologically sustainable stocking rates and distribution of livestock grazing effectively. 

The specific objectives of the project are:

•    Pastureland delimitation on 60 000 ha of Pastureland in Sagarejo municipality : mapping of Pasture features and condition and spatial organization of pasture use
•    Applying the combination of remote sensing and ground assessment of pasture condition 
•    Analysis of stakeholders relevant for pasture use in Sagarejo municipality and an assessment of the socio-economic situation by means of a survey or focus group discussions with pasture users