May 10, 2018

Development of Draft River Basin Management Plan for Khrami/ Debed River Basins in Georgia

Project Title - "Development of Draft River Basin Management Plan for Khrami/ Debed River Basins in Georgia"

Location - Georgia

Donor - EU

Client - International Office for Water (IOW)

Dates - 05/2018-10/2019

Objectives - The main objective of this assignment is to produce the elements for the draft of the RBMP and its implementation dashboard for the Khrami / Debed river basins in Georgia (22 000 and 4700 km² respectively), in line with the Water Framework Directive principles.

Specific Objectives

  • Development of the River Basin Management Plan for the Khrami/ Debed river basins;
  • Proposing the most cost-effective program of measures to be integrated in the basin management plan to achieve environmental objectives in accordance with the principles of the Water Framework Directive of the European Union