05 June
06 June
World Environment Day

Every year, Since June 5, 1972, World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated worldwide, dedicated to promoting sustainable living and positive environmental action. This year, exciting assortment of events has been scheduled around Europe including film screenings, festivals, conferences and more.

Unfortunately, lack of public participation in World Environment Day activities, especially in developing countries, is noticeable. A majority of people in less developed countries (LDCs) lack the information, or don't care about these much-touted events, with the selfish approach, that earth will be productive enough to sustain them, their children and grandchildren. But they do not frequently foresee disasterous impacts threatening future generations. Therefore, it is important to unite just for one day, every year and get involved in the activities supporting our environment and aim at human well-being by reducing environmnetal risks and ecological scarcities.