Brief on Zikatar’s trainings within the Fostering Community Forest Policy and Practice in Mountain Regions of the Caucasus project
May 10, 2012


On 25 - 28 April, 2012 REC Caucasus Armenia BO conducted capacity building trainings on ‘’Sustainable forest management’’ within the EU funded regional project “Fostering Community Forest Policy and Practice in Mountain Regions of the Caucasus” at the "Zikatar’’ training centre (“Forest Research and Experimental Centre”). More than 27 representatives of national and local Mass media, representatives of NGOs, Koghb and Jujevan communities members attended the trainings.

The trainings began with the meeting with Mass media and tree planting in the Zikatar’s park. After welcoming speeches of Project team leader Armen Gevorgyan and Dshkhuhi Sahakyan, Andranik Ghulijanyan (project expert and trainer) introduced knowledge assessment questioner on sustainable forest management and other related topics. After words WWF representatives made a speech on the State of ENPI FLEG project and represented the Guideline on the RA forest legislation published by WWF.

CFMP plans analysis of Koghb and Jujevan communities, non wood forest use, conservation and ecotourism development issues, as well as CFMP plans preparation national Guideline were also presented to workshop participants.