REC Caucasus organizes the study tour for land us planners from Georgia in EU countries
February 15, 2017

Regional Environmental Centre for Caucasus (RECC) with the partner Non-governmental organization "Uzemne plany SK"  is implementing the Development Trough Land Use Planning (DETLUP) Project by holding the study tours for participants from Eastern partnership countries (Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine). The first study tour will be organized from February 27 to March 5 in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the second, in Czech Republic from March 13 to 19-20.

Trainings and seminars/workshops will focus on:

- the legislation used, allowing and regulating land use planning in V4 countries (+ national, regional and local measures) – presentation of legislation and best practice.

- public participation and stakeholder involvement in the process of spatial planning (modeling and simulation).

- the technical means and methods used for the development of highly usable and accessible city land use plan (technical software – presentations and trainings).

The project aims to provide Eastern partnership countries (representatives of local and regional government, NGOs and regional planners), valuable information and advice on good land plan for current and future economic and social development.