Capacity-Building Training on RECP Technology Pocket Guides Produced for Sectors by UNIDO Demonstration Project
April 19, 2017

RECP Demonstration project (UN house, Yerevan, April 19-21, 2017) is implemented within EaP GREEN programme financially supported by the European Union and other bilateral donors, and is jointly implemented by UNIDO. In Armenia RECP Demonstration project is implemented by Regional Environmental Center for Caucasus. 

The objective of the RECP Demonstrations is to improve resource productivity and environmental performance of businesses and other organizations in the target industry sectors of the Eastern Partnership Economies, including Armenia and thereby contribute to sustainable industrial development and generation of employment and incomes.

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) applies proven preventive environmental approaches and productivity concepts for the triple benefits of improved resource productivity (hence reduced operational costs and reduced use of materials, energy and water), reduced environmental impacts (less waste, emissions and pollution) and improved occupational and community health and safety. SMEs and other organizations get a chance to switch to the more efficient practices of using raw materials, energy and water, which will lead to increased resource efficiency and will imrpove cleaner production practices within SMEs. To improve practical application of RECP for target industries (food and agricultural production, chemical and construction materials) the RECP project has adapted innovative RECP technologies, the project has developed three RECP technology pocket guides produced for target sectors by UNIDO demonstration project. Current advanced training entails practical skills for process RECP monitoring using technical equipment for improved data collection and monitoring designed for Armenian RECP national experts, as well as on site use of monitoring kit in selected demonstration enterprises.

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