Management of the Transboundary Joint Secretariat Nature Conservation in the Caucasus
August 30, 2011


TJS: Specific activities:

Within this context TJS works on local, national and supra-national/regional levels. Specific tasks for TJS at specific levels are as follows:

At the local level TJS will:

-         Support the ministries to implement individual PA projects of the Ecoregional Programme upon request, giving advice on the implementation of innovative concepts and in the analysis of “lessons learned”; for example this could be appropriate for issues such as:

o        Participatory Protected Areas (PA) planning and management,

o        Nature-based tourism development,

o        Medium to long term concepts for sustainable finance of running costs of PA,

o        Development of a realistic approach for socio-economic development activities within the adjacent communities of PA;

-         Support the ministries to establish transboundary mechanisms,

-         Organize and finance exchange visits and workshops to facilitate experience exchange among seconded local staff of the field projects, their project implementing agencies and their implementation consultants.