UNECE And FAO Funded Project: Sustainable Forest Management For Greener Economies In The Caucasus And Central Asia
April 29, 2015

Specific Objectives of the Project:

- To strengthen national capacity of countries to enhance the contribution of their forest sector to greener economies through sustainable forest management;
- Elaboration of national action plans for a forest sector in a greener economy are developed and implemented;
- To improve capacity of countries to develop policies for enhancing the forest sector’s contribution to greener economies;
- Information on forest product markets, resources, policies and institutions available;
- To increase capacity for “greening” the economy;
- To increase capacity for sustainable forest management;
- Reliable data on forests and forest products.

1. Target Audience / Key Stakeholders

1.2 Potential Target Audience:

- User groups within the Resource Efficiency/Raw Materials
- Wood manufacturers
- Wood SMEs
- Other wood chain members
- Suppliers of specific materials, products, services, standards
- Service providers
- Mediators
- Policy makers
- Public authorities of different level
- Forest control authorities
- Wood control authorities
- Civil society
- Consumers, Consumer organizations,
- NGOs + Environmental Groups
- Scientific community
- Researchers
- Higher education
- Journalists as inter-mediators