May 22, 2023

Announcement of Tender by REC Caucasus for Estimating the Consumption of HFCs and PFCs from Target Products/Equipment

Closing Date for Submission: June 1, 2023

Tender Reference: 024RECC/G/UNEP-2023-SRV-52-BL110419/110421

 REC Caucasus is executing the project “Georgia’s integrated transparency framework for implementation of the Paris agreement”, which aims to meet the enhanced transparency framework (ETF) requirements under the Paris agreement. Overall objective of the project is to propose actions that will allow the country to use more detailed level of emissions calculation to better track the trend of emissions changes in the sector and to check the level of measurement, reporting and confirmation.

REC Caucasus is seeking a service provision for estimating HFCs and PFCs consumption from target products/equipment, developing modalities and procedures for data collection and reporting on emissions of HFCs and PFCs, developing a GHG estimation software tool through filling in the pre-shared Excel files, developing training materials and conducting trainings for the technicians working with fluorinated gases, developing a certification scheme and study materials (guidebook) targeting the HFCs consumption source-categories.


Assignment is envisaged to be carried out during the period from June 5, 2023 to mid-September, 2023 (3 months and 10 days).


For details on the services to be provided (deliverables, qualification requirements etc.) please refer to the attached Terms of Reference – see Attachment 1 – Terms of Reference to this announcement.


Participation is open to legal entities registered in Georgia.


Interested candidates should submit filled-in and signed application submission form (Attachment 2) in a sealed envelope to the following address:

13, Badri Shoshitaishvili Street,
0179 Tbilisi, Georgia,
The Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus,

bearing only:

  1. Name and address of receiving organization (mentioned above);
  2. The tender reference code: 024RECC/G/UNEP-2023-SRV-52-BL110419/110421;
  3. The words “Not to be opened before the tender opening session”;
  4. The name of the tenderer.

The original application (marked as “Original”) and two copies (marked as “Copy”) of the application must be submitted.

The entire Tender Submission Form (technical and financial offers and supporting documentation) must be placed together in a sealed envelope.


Evaluation will be made in accordance with the quality/price-based selection method per REC Caucasus procedures and rules. The best value for money will be established by weighing technical quality against price on an 80/20 basis.

The quality of each technical offer will be evaluated in accordance with the award criteria and the associated weighting as detailed in the evaluation grid specified in the Terms of Reference.


Only successful applicant will be informed in writing through email that its application has been accepted.

Within 10 days of receipt of the contract already signed by the REC Caucasus, the selected applicant shall sign the contract and return it to the REC Caucasus.

Failure of the selected applicant to comply with this requirement may constitute grounds for the annulment of the decision to award the contract. In such a case, the REC Caucasus may award the contract to another applicant or cancel the selection procedure.

The other applicants will be informed on the outcomes of the selection process on their demand. In this case they will be informed by means of a standard letter.


The deadline for submission of application: 1 June, 2023.


Attachments are available for downloading from the following links:

Attachment 1 – Terms of Reference

Attachment 2 – Application Submission Form