November 13, 2014

Green Growth Initiative In The South Caucasus

Green Growth Initiative In The South Caucasus

The Regional Environmental Centre for Caucasus (REC Caucasus) launched Cleaner Production web-site in English and Russian languages (, under the project “Strengthen Cleaner Production policy and practice in the South Caucasus countries through applying integrated and preventive environmental strategy”.

The aim of the project is to support to elaborate national Cleaner Production strategies for all three South Caucasus countries, identify institutional and legal gaps, and needs to introduce integrated Cleaner Production strategy, based on best practices, experience sharing and regional approach.

The web-site provides virtual tools for broad and mutually beneficial participation of different data-users and holders such as SMEs, decision makers, business, financial institutions, scientific and educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and wide society.

The web-site includes the information on history of the project, on activities in South Caucasus countries on legislation and programs related to the project in all three countries. It also includes the latest news and events related to the project. The web-site is the platform for the all three South Caucasus countries.