October 21, 2011

International Camp of Young Environmentalists

International Camp of Young Environmentalists

The newly-established environmental youth movement of Azerbaijan “IDEA” (International Dialogue on Environmental Action) jointly with United Nations Development Programme organizes International Camp of Young Environmentalists. The camp will be held on 24-27 November 2011 in Gabala – picturesque city of Azerbaijan situated in foothills of Greater Caucasus.

This camp aims to contribute to the growing community of environmentalists in the region and around the world, who are interested in establishing working relations between different environmental groups and movements, through enhancing regional cooperation and network. The Youth Camp will be held for three days through an opening ceremony, three different workshops, and a closing ecological festival, called “GreenFest”.

Specific objective of the camp is to promote active participation of the young environmentalists in public life of the region, reinforce the role of young environmentalists in their own communities and encourage them to become an ambassador for local environmental awareness, nurture communities through an open dialogue, while ensuring the emergence of a new generation of independent young experts in the field of environmental studies.