May 22, 2019

New stage of land restoration – windbreaks development – activities

New stage of land restoration – windbreaks development – activities

On May 22, the kick-off meeting launched new stage of land restoration (windbreaks development) activities within the frames of the project “ Land Restoration Measures to Prevent Land Erosion and to Maintain the Fertility of Agricultural Land in Kakheti Region and Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) for the Draft Law on Soil Protection”. The project is implemented by REC Caucasus within the Agriculture Modernization, Market Access and Resilience (AMMAR) project of Ministry ofEnvironmental Protection and Agriculture and financed by International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD).

The project aims to support windbreaks rehabilitation in Kakheti region in the vulnerable municipalities of Sagarejo, Gurjaani and Dedoplistskaro. The project will also support the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture (MEPA) to create evidence-based justification for the draft Law on Soil Protection and to insure that final draft of the new legal instrument is as efficient and effective as possible before its public disclosure and formal review process.

The meeting was attended up to 55 participants and opened by the by the First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture – Mr. Giorgi Khanishvili. Deputy Ministers Mr. Iuri Nozadze and Mr. Solomon Pavliashvili highlighted the importance of windbreaks development in Georgia and expressed their willingness to participate in the implementation process. The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to discuss the project objectives, expected results and planning, review the pilot areas and provide suggestions to be considered during the implementation process.

The methodology for elaboration of Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) for the Draft Law on Soil Protection process was also presented and the exchange of views on the procedural Issues and consultation of interested parties was facilitated, with a special emphasis on SDGs.

AMMAR/RECC team encourages the empowerment and active involvement of women and youth in the project and convenes series of follow up inception meetings in the municipalities of Sagarejo, Gurjaani and Dedphlistskaro.