December 28, 2015

Supporting Community Resilience in South Caucasus

Supporting Community Resilience in South Caucasus

In 2014, REC Caucasus coordinated a projects with Oxfam and Red Cross who have started the third phase of a regional program “Supporting Community Resilience in South Caucasus” (Oxfam) and “Regional Programme for Building Resilient Local Communities” (Red Cross).

Both interventions are implemented under the umbrella European Commission’s “Supporting Disaster Risk Reduction amongst Institutions and Vulnerable Communities in the South Caucasus” DIPECHO programme.

One of the DIPECHO-funded activities, had been be the Frontline survey conducted to bring communities feedback in Georgia (Adjara, Racha, Kvemo-Svaneti, Imereti) and Armenia (Vayots Dzor, Shirak, Tavush) on how they are prepared for responding to disasters, the survey was conducted by Regional Environmental Center Caucasus (RECC). The survey is a part of a global process supervised by the Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Risk Reduction (GNDR) and outcome of the South Caucasus Survey will be combined into one feedback and database.

Frontline survey is to develop detailed local knowledge of threats, their consequences, the capacities they have to address them and the barriers of underlying risk factors they face. This knowledge is the starting point for action at all levels.

It is also to bring knowledge on the regional context and resilience of communities that participate in Oxfam and Red Cross programs funded by the DIPECHO program. (Frontline 2015 – Armenia) (Frontline 2015 – Georgia)