October 20, 2011

Yerevan’s zoo celebrates 70th anniversary and introduces a new ‘animal care’ concept

Yerevan’s zoo celebrates 70th anniversary and introduces a new ‘animal care’ concept

This project is one of the numerous reforms launched at the zoo marking its 70th anniversary this year. The improvement program has been initiated by the new director – president of the Preservation Fund for Wildlife and Cultural Values Mr. Ruben Khachatryan.

By reorganization of the park, the personnel of Yerevan Zoo makes an attempt to turn the zoo into a reserve where animals inhabit in as spacious areas as possible and people visiting the zoo get a chance to not simply see an animal locked in a cage, but can watch him in a more natural environment, study and better understand their vital importance in the nature. The area is suitable for creating such conditions, as only 6 ha of the 35-hectare park is currently used. Mr. Khachatryan believes that foreign experts’ participation in the project is highly important. While new plans are being made taken from the world practices in this sphere, visitors now notice the improvements made at the zoo. If compared to last year, it is obvious that the space has been re-arranged and improved; the cages are in a better condition, the characteristic strong smell has been reduced too, even new garbage bins have been placed separately for plastic and polyethylene wastes as well as other kinds of trash.

In order to help children better familiarize themselves with the fauna, every Friday viewing of documentaries about wildlife is offered at a designated for that purpose quite comfortable area in the park and those who are interested can take a bus that offers a free ride to the zoo from vicinity of Yeritasardakan (Youth) metro station in the center of Yerevan.