Our Services

REC Caucasus provides its national and international clientele with thorough environmental consulting services, supporting in solving environmental problems and works on promoting cooperation at national and regional levels among its stakeholders, enhancing free and effective exchange of information.


One of the main tasks of REC Caucasus is to advocate close relations between public and governments. The organization works on eradicating environment-based issues in the states of the South Caucasus by supporting development of the civic society and through promotion of public participation in the decision-making process. The Centre has proven to be a viable and independent organization providing services to governments, local authorities, non-governmental organizations, businesses, media, international organizations and other environmental stakeholders.


For the purpose of increased public awareness and social inclusion in solving environmental issues in the South Caucasus region, REC Caucasus provides stakeholders with advising services on environment-related topics through trainings, experience sharing, education and cooperation. The international advisory council unites 11 representatives from the 3 South Caucasus countries and international donors.

Capacity Building

REC Caucasus implements its mission of solving environmental problems, through various programmes including: through its programs and projects strengthening capacities of NGOs, governmental structures, local governments and other environmental stakeholders.

Confidence Building

REC was designed to develop civic society in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia by promoting a variety of national, regional and international processes and initiatives through execution of various programs and projects in the Caucasus region in accordance with the mission and the strategy of the organization. Introduction of the best international practices in the Caucasus, supporting public participation and intersectoral cooperation, as well as promoting regional and international cooperation are integral parts for attaining set goals. REC Caucasus is the only organization in the South Caucasus region the founders of which are the governments of all three countries, bridging all environmental stakeholders of the region.