December 10, 2022

Procurement Specialist

Procurement Specialist

[Project Core Team Member at RECC]

The Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus (REC Caucasus) announces a vacancy for the position of Procurement Specialist within the GEF-funded project “Achieving Land Degradation Neutrality Targets of Georgia through Restoration and Sustainable Management of Degraded Pasturelands”

Project title: Achieving Land Degradation Neutrality Targets of Georgia through Restoration and Sustainable Management of Degraded Pasturelands
Post title: Procurement Specialist
Duration: 3 months (with a possibility of extension)
Starting Date: January 12, 2023
Duty station: Tbilisi, Georgia, or Remote
Employment type: Part time



The Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus (RECC) as operational partner is involved in implementation of the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) financed project Achieving Land Degradation Neutrality Targets of Georgia through Restoration and Sustainable Management of Degraded Pasturelands – GEF Project ID: 10151” (“the Project”) . GEF Implementing Agency for the Project is the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

With the above regard, in May, 2020 the RECC and FAO signed Operational Partners Agreement (OPA) for implementation of the Grant Project “Achieving Land Degradation Neutrality Targets of Georgia through Restoration and Sustainable Management of Degraded Pasturelands”. This Agreement governs the implementation by the RECC of the relevant parts of the Project as defined in the results matrix, work plan and budget in Annex 3 of the OPA. It describes the relationship between the RECC and FAO and their responsibilities.

Under the Project and within the context of Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN), Georgia aims to maintain and increase the amount of healthy and productive land resources in line with the national sustainable development goals. Georgia has released five voluntary LDN targets. The project is directly linked to the implementation of two of these targets: Target 1: Integrate LDN principles into national policies, strategies and planning documents; and Target 4: Degraded land will be rehabilitated.


Project consists of four subsequent components: (1) Policy and Regulatory/Institutional, (2) Demonstration, (3) Capacity Building and (4) Knowledge Management.

The project sets out to support the national efforts to implement LDN targets of Georgia through restoration and sustainable management of the degraded pasturelands (Targets 1 and 4). It follows the STAP (GEF) guidelines “Scientific Conceptual Framework for Land Degradation Neutrality” and takes a phased approach. First, the country has selected three target municipalities based on the priorities of the LDN TSP, and the target landscapes for implementation activities. The target municipalities are located in the Eastern part of Georgia and include Dmanisi, Gurjaani, and Dmanisi. The target municipalities and landscapes have been characterized by key bio-physical and socio-economic parameters to set the project baseline in line with the voluntary LDN indicators.

The experiences of this project will be replicated across Georgia through activities of national and international partners, and shared with other countries in the region and at UNCCD.


Procurment Specialist performs functions of the REC Caucasus Project Core Team (RECC-PCT) Member at RECC and is responsible to support subcontracting procurement procedures for contracts that are envisaged for implementation under the Budget Headline 5650 (Contracts) of the REC Caucasus Project Budget for 2020-2023 (as per OPA Annex 3).

He/She will work under the overall guidance and supervision of the RECC Executive Director (Project Policy and Institutional Advisor – Project Supervisor/Manager), Technical Advisor in Agricultural Development (RECC Project Core Team Coordinator) and the technical guidance of the FAO Project Coordinator (PC) in close consultation with the government designated National Project Director (NPD) representing the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia (MEPA) to ensure that subcontracting and procurement rules defined by the Operational Partners Agreement between FAO and REC Caucasus (OPA) are foreseen and strictly followed by the REC Caucasus.


Specific task of the assignment is implementation of the following activities in accordance with the  rules for procurement/recruitment procedures applicable for the Project [REC Caucasus procurement rules and basic principles complementary to EU Contract Procedures (Practical Guide, PRAG Version 2020.0) – divided between those for procurement of services (e.g., technical assistance, studies, provision of know-how and training), supplies (i.e., equipment and materials) and works (i.e. infrastructure and other engineering works) and contract-award related requirements and technical terms and conditions under the OPA (Article VI – Subcontracting, Article  X – Procurement) and FAO Manual Section 701 – Guidance Note on Subcontracting by the Operational Partner (OP) under the Operational Partners Agreement (OPA)]:

  • Perform market research for each tender,
  • Preparation of tender documentation (covering Procurement Notice; Invitation to Tender; and Tender Dossier incl. A .Instructions to Tenderers, B. Draft Contract with all Annexes;  C. Further Information with Administrative and Technical Evaluation Grids; and D. Tender Forms for Submission) for each tender;
  • Agree tender documentation (incl. tender related timing) with FAO;
  • Prepare texts of announcements in 2 languages (Georgian and English) for open tender procedures;
  • Publication of texts of announcement for open tender procedures along with downloadable files of Procurement Notice, Invitation to Tender and Tender Dossier through relevant platforms;
  • Monitoring of tender during its active phase,
  • Answering submitted questions on tender and other platforms,
  • Adjustment of tender’s terms and dates,
  • Draft necessary template(s) for the Selection/Evaluation Report and its supporting annexes and hand them over to the secretary of Selection Committee[1] in advance – before start of Selection Committee opening session;
  • When appropriate, after completion of tender evaluation session, provide secretary of Selection Committee with advice on compiling the Selection/Evaluation Report and its supporting annexes;
  • Inform in written all tenderers on the results of tender evaluation;
  • After completion of tender evaluation, demand and receive all necessary supporting information from awarded tenderer as appropriate (e.g., bank account identification form and like);
  • Prepare final draft of a contract and submit it for signature to the head of Contracting Organization (REC Caucasus Executive Director) and then to awarded tenderer for counter signature;
  • Hand over completed and counter signed contract to Finance-Administrative Unit of the Contracting Organization (REC Caucasus).



Subcontracting Specialist will have the following tasks:

– Liaise with the RECC Executive Director (Project Policy and Institutional Advisor – Project Supervisor/Manager), Technical Advisor in Agricultural Development (RECC Project Core Team Coordinator), FAO, MEPA, project partners and other stakeholders to ensure flow of expected deliverables under this Terms of Reference;
– Provide technical support to the implementation of the Project approach;
– Review of lessons learned and make recommendations for improving the performance and the necessary adjustments to the work plan;
– Attend and support work of the Project Steering Committee when necessary as per RECC requirement.


Subcontracting Specialist should have:

– Bachelor’s or higher degree in Business or public administration, finances or equivalent;
– At least 5 years of experience in procurement and contracting;
– Knowledge of basic principles of EU Contract Procedures (EU Practical Guide, PRAG Version 2020.0) or contract procedures of FAO or other multilateral and/or bilateral donor organizations (e.g., EBRD, ADB, World Bank, UNDP, KfW, GIZ);
– Strong communication and problem-solving skills;
– Ability to prioritize and multitask;
– Proactive attitude towards work, teamwork, and cooperation.

Technical Competencies

– Results focused
– Ability to travel to the Project pilot regions and municipalities in Georgia
– Good understanding of project documents
– Good reporting skills
– Good organizational and communication capacity
– Good written and oral working knowledge in Georgian and English
– Advanced computer skills
– Represent RECC in an appropriate, friendly and professional manner


Georgian and English


Interested applicants should submit a CV (in English) to the following e-mail address: with a copy to Project Manager: with the relevant email subject line presented below.

The deadline for application submission is January 5, 2022. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Email subject line: Procurement Specialist

[1] Established under the RECC Executive Order No.01/08-2020-RECC of 30 June, 2020 as amended by RECC Executive Order No. 03/11-2021-RECC of 30 April, 2021 and RECC Executive Order No. 04/11-2022-RECC of 01 July, 2022.